The world needs to open its eyes

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Writing about this really makes my heart ache.

Imagine somebody kills your whole family right in front of you and you can’t do anything about it because you are just a 9-year-old kid. You cannot protect them. You cannot stop the guy from killing them. You cannot stop a heavy truck from hitting them.

Imagine a child comes back from school and is told that his whole family got killed in an airstrike. Can you imagine the pain, the rage, the feeling of being left alone, the feeling of seeing the dead body of parents and dearest siblings drenched in…

How does strawberries benefit you

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Everybody loves strawberries. No doubt juicy red strawberries are delicious. But do you know how beneficial they are for you? No, right. If you do not know the benefits of strawberries, this article is for you.

Strawberries fundamentally comprise water (91%) and sugars (7.7%). They contain just minor measures of fat (0.3%) and protein (0.7%).

Strawberries are a very nutritious and refreshing fruit available. They are a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which are beneficial for blood sugar and your heart.

As people are becoming aware of the side effects of cosmetic products, they are looking for natural…

There’s more to life than just money.

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Life is short.

You might be thinking, “How’s life short”. Life isn’t really short but we make it short by running after luxuries and money. When all we need is happiness.

If we have happiness in our life, believe me, it’s worth more than just “living”. You enjoy and love your life only when it is full of happiness.

Life is not about gathering piles of money in your bank accounts, it’s about living in a happy environment and it’s all on you, how you make it happy for you.

Be a rich person by personality. Start with being nice…

Will SN15 Launch This Weekend

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SpaceX devotees are frantic for uplifting news after the disappointment of the principal Starship models. Elon Musk’s organization is planning for the Starship SN15’s first flight, with two test dates set for the start of the week!

After its archetypes’ disappointments, Starship SN15 is the following idea shuttle to fly from the organization’s Boca Chica office in South Texas. SpaceX has dispatched the SN8, SN9, SN10, and SN11 shuttle up until this point.

None of them have endured their dry runs. On March 3 of this current year, the Starship SN10 came the nearest to succeeding when it appeared to…

Netflix app hijacked whatsapp messages to spread malware on android phones.

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A deceitful Netflix application which assumed responsibility for clients’ WhatsApp accounts has been spreading on Google’s Play Store.

The “FlixOnline” application guaranteed that it would allow clients to get to Netflix content from different districts on their telephones.

All things considered, it checked the clients’ WhatsApp warnings, sending consequently answers to the clients messages advising them to pursue FlixOnline.

“2 Months of Netflix Premium Free at no expense For REASON OF QUARANTINE (CORONA VIRUS)* Get 2 Months of Netflix Premium Free anyplace on the planet for 60 days. …

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big.

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People believe that success is based on luck, but I believe that it is a choice. If you prefer sitting idle and wait for opportunities to reach out to you, you may never get one.

Success is in your hand. You might fail sometimes, but failure is never the end. It’s the start of a better vocation. Success stories are always a source of inspiration for a lot of people.

In this article, I discuss the story of a poor boy who became rich through comedy. This little boy was once a poor kid who became the richest and well-known…

Here’s why you should think before you choose your career.

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When you start to grow, the most important decision to make is about your career. Because whatever path you choose impacts your whole life. One wrong decision can ruin your future.

I know choosing the right career can be very tough. Especially when your parents are involved. No doubt they want you to live a better life. But parents should let their children decide about their career.

In this article, I discuss why I lost interest in my academic life and why you should choose the right career for yourself.

Why I lost interest in my studies

I wanted to do engineering, but instead, due to some…

Here are some tips to help you overcome depression.

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Everything seems more challenging when you are depressed. Getting to work, socializing with friends or getting out of bed feels like a struggle. But there are some things you can do to cope with your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Coping with depression can help people recover more quickly as symptoms develop. For people who have been experiencing depression for a long time, changing the way they think and act will improve their mood.

There are a lot of people in this world who suffer from depression. …

Here is how music can change moods and emotions.

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To me, music is a mood-changing instrumental sound.
It’s not just my thought. Researchers have proven that it can lift your moods whenever you are feeling sad or down. It can boost your happiness as well as reduce anxiety.

In this article, I will discuss some facts about music.

Music as a Therapist

For some people, music plays the role of a therapist. It distracts a person’s mind and slows the rhythms of the body. It can change the mood of people and help them overcome anxiety issues.

Several Music Therapists are trained and certified and work in healthcare and educational settings. Music therapy…

Here’s how I coped with overthinking and depression

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Peace of mind is essential for living a happy and healthy life.

I have experienced the worst depression, and all I did the entire day was overthinking. I didn’t know; it will get so worst that I won’t focus on anything. It ruined my interest in studies and in everything which was once my favorite thing to do.

I never told my parents about my condition and always tried my best never to show what I felt. I always wore a smile with a very heavy heart and a bunch of thoughts in my head.

In this article, I discuss…

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